Avocados From Mexico – Super Bowl 52

Civilization is a fragile thing.


Avocados From Mexico – Super Bowl 51

Secret's out. Avocados are good for you.


Avocados From Mexico – Super Bowl 50

A tour of the many wonders of Earth.


Avocados From Mexico – Super Bowl 49

Mexico is the perfect place to grow avocados for a reason. It's where they originated. Let's take a look back at how it all went down.


The Draft Continues… LIVE – The first draft ever played out live on YouTube during the big game. The almost hour-long webcast followed all of Mexico's picks and even gave them away as prizes on social media.


Individual draft videos – This is way too much crap. Don't worry I'm taking some down. Get off my case about it.


Things got weird. – Between each round of the draft, a countdown clock displayed when the next round would begin. The countdown clock was accompanied by some "entertainment" featuring each prize.