Domino's Pizza

New Brand Identity

Complete overhaul of the brand. New Logo. New look. New store experience.


Store Design
The old store design gave customers a ten minute preview of purgatory. Our new store designs are beginning to roll out that are more comfortable, offer entertainment for the wait and have a kitchen built to put the pizza making on display.


Campaign Highlights

A recap of a few of our efforts for Domino’s.


Behind the Pizza

We wanted to get Domino’s out in front of the nation’s desire for transparency in where food comes from. And set the record straight about the quality of Domino’s ingredients.
Parents want to know where the food they give to their families comes from. This site showed just that along with the journey these ingredients take to their local store. Visitors spent an average of 21 minutes on the site tracing the path ingredients take, playing games and watching educational videos.


Show us your Pizza

Uncovering the hidden world of food photography that makes food look much better in ads than in real life and Domino’s pledge to put an end to it.
We also asked customers to submit real photos of their actual orders to be used in our advertising. Over 25,000 photos were submitted.

But not all of the photos submitted were gems. We saw it as the perfect opportunity for Domino's to own up to it. Their CEO agreed.


Times Square Tracker

We streamed real customer reviews (good and bad) in Times Square for the world to see. These reviews have always been seen in real time by employees, but making them public was a bold move to show Domino’s commitment to accountability.
The week long event played out in real time online. Links to the exact moment when their reviews went live were sent to each participant to share.


Pizza Proverbs

Package redesign featuring a series of twelve ‘pizza proverbs’ highlighting the wisdom Domino’s has learned from all their years of baking pizzas. We took a pizza box with a logo on it, and turned it into millions of fun and informative engagements with the brand.

User-Generated Box Designs 
Customers were also invited to share their own words of pizza wisdom at Their insights were then featured with custom illustrations on millions more boxes.


Video Game Ordering

For years gamers have been faced with the age-old dilemma; order dinner or save the world. Soon they won’t have to choose. They’ll be able to access the domino’s menu on their gaming console, place an order and get right back into the action. Even tracking the progress of their order with the handy Pizza Tracker.