Official Tire of NASCAR

If Goodyear can make tires that live up to the needs of NASCAR drivers, their most demanding customers, then imagine what they can do for the rest of us.


Tire Test Drive

When you’re known for making tires for the masses, you lose a little street cred with performance car drivers. So Goodyear set up the first “tire test drive” to prove their new high-performance tires were the real deal. We may have forgotten to tell customers about the undercover stunt driver, though.


Tire Talk with Kevin Harvik

NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick explains in laymen’s terms some of the impossibly grueling demands NASCAR tires are designed to endure.


NASCAR Tire Design

To raise awareness for Goodyear’s fundraising efforts for U.S. troops, we hijacked the sidewalls of NASCAR tires. It was free media and really the only space left on those cars to write anything.


Stick to the Road – Print

A low tack adhesive similar to post-it notes is applied so the pages of the spread have to be peeled apart. Geetttt iiiitttt?