More Junk


The Human Race – Shirts

To decrease the environmental impact of the largest race on earth, bibs for the Nike Human Race were printed directly onto runners’ shirts.


Nike ID – Shoe Order

Games let you customize your player. That’s nothing new. But add the ability to detail your kicks, and order them up for delivery right to your doorstep, and you've got a whole new revenue stream.


Nike ID – Digital

To encourage students to custom tailor Nike shoes to show their school pride, we created this rich media banner. Mix in your school colors and a few of your interests and BLAM. You just made some shoes.


4A's Award Design

I had the privilege of redesigning the 4A’s O’Toole award given to only a handful of agencies each year. Because this award factors in work from the entire agency throughout the year (not just one ad or campaign) the O’Toole is the arguably the biggest award in advertising figuratively, and now, literally.


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